Henningsvaer Dinner Cruise


Join us on our relaxing evening cruise to Henningsvær. Experience and taste the traditional local cuisine, wander around the local fishing village of Henningsvær before we cruise back in complete silence past Lofoten’s tallest mountains, bathing in the evening sunlight.

We set sail from Svolvær to the cultural centre of Lofoten; Heningsvær. On the way our guides will share stories and knowledge of the traditional fishing industry in Lofoten. We will launch our underwater drone, bringing you closer to the rich marine life that provides both Lofoten and the world with sea urchins, kelps and crabs.

Before we arrive in Henningsvær we will have a taster of the local delicacies and something to keep us energised for our time in Henningsvær. Explore this cultural fishing village with its abundance of galleries on foot.

On our way back we will serve our dinner and dessert while we cruise past the majestic wall of the Lofoten mountains including some of its tallest peaks.

Take in the beautiful nature from our hybrid-electric boat with warm lounges and decks with panoramic views while the sun is nearing the horizon and the evening light will colour the backdrop of these craggy peaks.

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